Shanghai Sunwise New Energy Systems Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004. With the mission to promote the application of hydrogen energy, it is committed to become a leading total solution provider in hydrogen energy. With its core technology of high-pressure gas supply, Sunwise has specialized in providing total solutions in system design and integration, as well as overall technical services of hydrogen energy.


On-board High Pressure Hydrogen Supply System

The system is composed of storage cylinder, integrated tank valve, overflow valve, pressure regulator, receptacle and pressure/temperature sensors. It is used to supply hydrogen for FCVs.This system can also be used in fuel cell back-up power, emergency generator and fuel cell tram.

Technical Data

Cylinder Water Volume 28L//52L74L/128L
Storage Capacity Customizable
Working Pressure 35/70MPa
Outlet Pressure 0~2MPa

35MPa/70MPa Hydrogen Dispenser

The dispenser is designed with cascade control filling strategy and integrated explosive proof technologies. It can automatically dispense hydrogen to vehicle tank safely and fast.

Technical Data
Accuracy ±2.5%
Filling Pressure 35/70MPa
Explosive Grade IIC T4

Hydrogen Booster Refueller

The refueller is composed of pneumatic booster pump, condenser, refueling nozzle, high-pressure hose, high-pressure valves, instruments and tubing, etc. The system is used to compress and refuel hydrogen into the FCV or other high-pressure storage system safely and easily.

Technical Data
Outlet Pressure 25MPa~70MPa
Flow Rate Customizable
Features High Safety, Easy Operation, Portable

Movable/skid-mounted refueler

Sunwise developed the first generation non-electrically-driven mobile hydrogen station in 2004. After several years’ improvement, Sunwise has developed the third generation mobile station with higher filling capacity and more compact body.

Technical Data
Filling Pressure 35MPa
Storage Pressure 43MPa
Storage Capacity 90kgH2
Consecutive Filling >40kgH2


Anting Hydrogen Refueling Station

Anting Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS) jointly developed and constructed by Sunwise and Tongji University, etc. in 2007, is the first station for FCVs in Shanghai and now is operated by Sunwise. Anting HRS has fueled thousand kilograms of hydrogen for FCVs and recepted thousands of visitors.

Technical Data
Filling Pressure 35MPa
Storage Pressure 43MPa
Max Storage Capacity 800kgH2
Consecutive Filling 20FCVs and 6 FC Buses

Shanghai Expo Hydrogen Refueling Station

Shanghai Expo HRS is built by Tongji University, Sunwise and ENN in 2010 for ‘Better city, Better life’ of Shanghai World Expo. Shanghai Expo HRS is the biggest hydrogen refueling station which is designed, built and operated on its own in the world. Sunwise is responsible for HRS’s overall program design, technical assistance and operation and maintainance, and developed the SCADA system, 35MPa hydrogen dispenser and stanthions. The station successfully filled 196 FCVs demonstration during the World Expo.

Technical Data
Filling Pressure 35MPa
Storage Pressure 42.4MPa
Filling Capacity 600kgH2/day
By-product hydrogen purity >99.99%